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Ambassadors Program

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a motivated, enthusiastic and articulate businessman/woman who serves as the backbone of the Chamber’s new member and retention program. They will represent the Chamber at many civic and social functions as well as conferences, workshops and seminars.

What does and Ambassador do?

  •  Regularly attend scheduled Chamber programs
  •  Obtain  new member leads
  • Make effort to retain current members
  •  Welcome new members
  •  Share w/ the business community “success stories” of the Chamber and effectively address the “what’s in it for me” question.

By maintaining such two-way communications with the entire membership (not just active members) the result will be a higher membership retention rate and improved ability to address the needs of the business community. In short…Ambassadors are the finest public relations tool of the Chamber.

Ambassadors Goals

We must excel in our efforts to achieve the prominence we all feel is vitally important for our organization. To reach the level of achievement that is necessary for our group we need to set our sights on accomplishing these goals.

  •  Increase the awareness of the Chamber Ambassadors in our community (to include the county, as the Chamber represents all of Vernon County)
  •  Increase the awareness of the Chamber Ambassadors within the Chamber of Commerce Membership
  •  Build on a strong membership program in the Chamber
  •  Bring new members to the Chamber and get them involved.
  •  Involve and inform existing members of the Chamber and Chamber activities
  •  Approach the responsibilities of being an Ambassador with enthusiasm and a strong positive attitude

Being an Ambassador is a privilege and an honor. As an Ambassador, you should constantly strive to treat the position accordingly.

Ambassadors play a critical role in attaining member feedback and, to this end, need to have good listening skills and be comfortable in initiating open, honest dialogue. A genuine appreciation and understanding of the Chamber’s Mission, vision and Core Strategies are also key to an Ambassador’s success.

In short, Ambassadors are the best Public Relations tool a Chamber can have. They are the community leaders within our organization.


Listed Below are our 2012 Chamber Ambassadors

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Fast, Jeremy
Chairman, Ambassadors Committee


Arnold, Pat frankpat94@sbcglobal
Christie, Lisa
Lobbyist, Burch and Associates

Lawrence, Ross
Robertson, Kim